6 Must-Have Business Insurance Policies for your Pet Store

Running a pet store can be as rewarding as winning a puppy cuddle contest. As exhilarating as transferring a four-foot viper to a new habitat! Owning a pet store comes with a set of wildly unique risks.  But what business insurance does your pet retail store need? You should consider these 6 essential insurance policies:  

1. General Liability Insurance: Your Everyday Mishap Shield

Imagine this: a playful puppy gets overexcited and has an accident on the floor. Then an unwitting customer doesn’t see the puddle and slips and falls. What-if a startled hamster escapes his cage? And a terrified climbs the shelving to get away and falls? How many customers were injured by these wild possibilities that are unique to Pet stores?!

These might seem like unlikely scenarios, but in the world of pet retail, they can happen. General liability insurance is your first line of defense! General liability covers medical expenses and legal fees of your injured customers.

2. Property Insurance: Protecting Your Fur-ocious Fortress 

Pet stores are full of wild stories of unpredictable animals doing the unpredictable. Damage to your property is just one chaotic day away. Property insurance acts as your knight in shining armor. It protects your building, inventory, and equipment from unexpected events. This includes fires or storms.

3. Product Liability Insurance: Your Safety Net for Paw-fully Worrisome Products 

While you carefully select healthy and high-quality products, sometimes things happen beyond your control. Product liability insurance protects against harm to customers caused by the products your pet store sells. Don’t take the risk of a customer’s pet getting sick after consuming a product from your store!

4. Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Taking Care of Your Pack

Employees face risks at work too. Like lifting heavy bags of food or stocking shelves. Worker’s compensation insurance provides medical care and lost wages for injuries on the job. Think of it as a “get well soon” fund that keeps your team happy and healthy.!

5. Crime Insurance: Guarding Against Unwanted Visitors 

Unfortunately, a Pet store has a ton of easily concealed items for sale. They are a perfect target for thieves. With margins already tight any inventory lost can be painful. Crime insurance covers losses in your store for theft or fraud.  

6. Business Interruption Insurance: Weathering the Storm When You Have to Close 

A covered property claim and payment issued is not the end. What do you do if your business has to shut down while repairing the damage? You can’t earn money because customers cannot come in! Business interruption insurance helps you cover lost income. It keeps your business afloat by paying your bills and payroll. With this protection, you’ll reopen your doors and welcome back your furry friends with one less item on your plate.

Let’s get a business insurance policy tailored to your specific needs! Talk to Gild insurance agent. We understand the pet retail industry. Your business deserves a customized plan that protects your business from head to tail. Don’t let insurance be a bone of contention! Get covered and focus on what you do best: making pets and their humans happy! 

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