Privacy Policy

Last Updated: December, 2020


Hi ya and welcome to the privacy section of this website! The information below outlines how Gild LLC and its subsidiary, Gild Insurance Agency LLC may collect and utilize your data in support of the services provided through this website. This is important stuff, thanks for taking the time to review.

Why Do We Collect Information About You And Your Business?

Very simply, we collect information about you and your business in order to provide insurance quotes, create your online member account, and to improve the efficiency of this website.

What Information Is Collected?

This is dependent on the type of product or service you have with us. In general, we collect business name, contact information, login credentials, and business operational information.

How Is My Information Collected?

Information is collected directly when you fill out forms on the website or answer questions via chatbot. 

We also use third party vendors to collect supplemental information regarding your business, such as revenues, number of employees, or property square footage. Our third party vendors also collect data on the web pages you visit on this website. It allows us to understand which areas of this website are useful, popular, or need to be improved.

Is My Information Shared or Sold?

First of all, we do not and will not, sell your data. 

Second, your data is possibly shared only under two circumstances. One, with our insurance partners to secure insurance quotes on your behalf. Two, between Gild LLC and Gild Insurance Agency LLC to market appropriate products and services to you. 

How Is My Information Protected?

Gild protects you and your business, which includes your data. That’s why any information you submit to Gild is encrypted and is only accessible by Gild team members assigned to assist you. 

If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear em’! Please email