The Most Common Liability Claims for Fitness Studio Owners

Have you been working out lately? If not, your friends sure have been. Fitness enthusiasm and a drive for healthy living are dominating social media. The market value of the global fitness industry is currently over 87 billion dollars. In 2021, the United States saw revenue growth of over 33 billion in this industry alone. Beyond that, the expected growth of the fitness industry is 171.75% though 2028. This puts the total value around 435 billion dollars.[1]

Now is a good time to bulk up your bank account whether you already own a fitness studio or are looking to start one. Before you do, warming up first by learning about the most common types of liabilities you do face is imperative.

The Most Common Liability Claims

A liability claim occurs when a gym client is harmed physically or otherwise due to the fault of the gym. What If you don’t wipe the sweat puddles that formed from the previous class and one of your yogis slips and falls while doing a handstand? Did they hit their head? Good thing you are prepared for that.

  • Slips, Trips and Falls – This is one of the most common injuries that occurs in a fitness studio. While slips and falls can undoubtedly happen during training or your practice, they can also have nothing to do with the exercise being performed. They can be just as common while people are simply walking around the gym. Look out for that sweaty floor!
  • Falling Objects – Anyone who has been in a gym or studio can tell you that sometimes objects seemingly fall for no apparent reason. Maybe in-between classes your clients didn’t stack their yoga blocks level or secure their weights correctly. Watch out below!
  • Employment Practices – If you have employees, this exposure is ever present. Should a current or former employee accuse you of wrongful termination, discrimination, or workplace harassment and retaliation, it can prove to be very costly.

Which Fitness Professionals Need Insurance

If you are a studio owner it goes without saying that you need insurance. Chances are you might already have some coverage. Maybe you have even established a concussion protocol in the event of an accident. Remember that head injury? If you are a personal trainer or instructor that operates on the go, you must also ensure you are protected. While you might not have as many liabilities as the person who owns a studio, you are still conducting physical activities which leads to a risk of injury.

Business Insurance is Your Friend

If the scenarios we mentioned above made you more than a little concerned about all your potential losses, don’t fret. Everything we listed above was simply meant to outline the most common claims we see in the fitness industry so that you can do your best to prepare yourself for them.

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